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Daji Adami also known as Darejan Adamashvili is New York based artist from Georgia. Daji's known for  her distinctive works and style that carry various mattes that still exist in today's world but we often fail to acknowledge. 

"Foreigners" collection was inspired by various economical and political events but mainly by the War of 2008 in Georgia.

Daji's distinctive style carries weapon like design as well as joyful and sometimes undefined expressions drawing contrast between evil and altruism. Fearsome weaponry symbolizes human power and its strength while playful faces are to urge and direct misused power to create positivity and joy. The idea and message are there to remind our society about existing conflicts around the world and human power misuse. 

    Daji's pacifists are from parallel universe arriving to planet Earth to deliver the message and turn violence into joy and harmony. 

"I remember creating from my early childhood. First it was only thoughts and ideas. Life was always uncertain and different for me, it was melancholic and cheerful, fierce and peaceful, harsh and compassionate. my figures were built on understanding these emotions and feelings. As time passed things changed, there was a war that changed my view and perspective about life. War made me realize how helpless we are against weaponry and it was my major inspiration that continues to stimulate me to this day. I want to remind everyone that despite the malicious power, we exist to love each other and we can turn any adversity into harmony."


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